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Big River Bible Camp operates as a ministry under Northern Canada Evangelical Mission (NCEM). It is located on the south end of Delaronde Lake near the town of Big River Saskatchewan it serves and ministers to the surrounding towns and First Nations communities. Unlike other camps that you may be familiar with, Big River Bible Camp is a Mission Camp which means all of their staff are missionaries and they rely on outside donors to keep their registration fees as low as possible and sponsor campers if the cost means that they would be unable to attend. Their focus is to share the love of Jesus Christ with the campers and disciple the next generation of youth serving as leaders.
Our Erindale Alliance Church family has partnered with Big River Bible Camp for decades and this year again, we desire to assist them with some of their non-perishable groceries.
Please check out the bulletin board outside the main gym doors in Entrance A and consider taking a grocery donation card, or a few, to purchase items. These items can be brought to the table that will be located beside the staircase in Entrance A. There are many grocery donation cards and a variety of items ranging in price from $5 to $40. Consider writing your name on the card, a note of encouragement or prayer on the back of the card and taping the card to the item.