What does Gospel and Community (G4C) mean at Erindale Alliance Church?

What is our FOCUS?

What difference is this making in our lives?

The Gospel  

We are focusing on teaching people the Gospel - the good news of Jesus. His Gospel is for the whole of life: conversion, life change and eternal glorification. 

The Gospel brings Community. The Gospel drives the Community of the Church.


Community Grow                               

We are focusing on mentoring, supporting and discipling God’s people at EAC. In other words, getting alongside one another and loving God together; setting examples to one another of Christian living with Jesus as Lord and Saviour in the power of the Holy Spirit. (Rom 8:11-15).

Grow is our primary community as the Church. All other communities flow from Grow.

Community New

We are focusing on welcoming and enhancing the experience of visitors to EAC and assimilating newcomers into our church. By newcomers we mean people who are planning to make EAC their home church. 

Community Link

We are focusing on extending our people and ministry resources to help other believing Christians locally and around the world in their Gospel mission of Word and Deed – Faith and Love.

Community Reach

We are focusing on reaching beyond our walls to the city of Saskatoon that all people might repent and turn to Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. (reaching out with the 21st Century in mind)