School of Theology

School of Theology

The School of Theology at Erindale Alliance focuses on learning to understand the Bible, to apply it both to our own lives and to our contemporary culture, and for ministry in the local church. Each course is designed to be informal and interactive as we strive to be people who not only listen but contribute to the lesson. Currently we meet monthly in the Regier Chapel from 4-6pm. Please see the attached calendar for further information. All regulars at Erindale Alliance, and visitors are welcome.



    November 26:  The Bible Matters (Jeremy)

    December 31: No Class


    January 28:    The Problem of Pain (Greg)

    February 25th   

    March 25th    Membership Theology and Class (Ken)  

    September 30th    Identity in Christ (David)


Completed 2017 

    February 26 :  Membership/Small Group Leader Training (Ken)

    March 26:  The Biblical Basis for Revival Today (Ken)

    April 30:  Theology Matters (Jeremy)

          and April 9th Membership Theology Class (Ken)

    May 28:  Biblical Theology (Ken)

    June 25:  Annual Meeting (no class) 

    July 30:  No Class

    August 27: The Problem of Pain (Greg) POSTPONED 

    September 24: Cross-Cultural Ministry (Ryan)

    October 29:  Why The Reformation Still Matters (Ken)


Completed 2016 

    November:  Understanding NAR (Jeremy)