2017-2018 National Project Hope for the Brokenhearted

  • Project Goal: 

In 2014, ISIS fighters attacked isolated Yazidi communities in Northern Iraq and violently killed thousands of men, women, and children. Not only were families separated, but thousands of young girls and women from these communities were captured as sex slaves sold to ISIS soldiers. These captives were beaten and brutally raped on a daily basis. Although some have been fortunate to escape, they will forever live with deep emotional and physical scars of their trauma.

National Women's Ministries of the C&MA in Canada is partnering with Global Ministries to raise $150,000 to support a newly identified team of International Workers. This fund will be used to support new opportunities in ministry and outreach on the ground, including reaching the young Yazidi women and families who have been traumatized and displaced.
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  • Midwest District Goal:  $30,000   
  • Donation Deadline:  September 30, 2018
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Please note that donations for the National Project should be sent by your church to the Canadian Midwest District Ministry Centre.
Donations should NOT be sent directly to the CMA National Ministry Centre

2018 District Project: A Light in the Darkness

  • Project Goal:  The CMD Women's Ministries 2018 District Project is in support of the Moosomin Native Fellowship, which ministers to the people living on northern reserves. The Moosomin Native Fellowship is under the leadership of Tyrone and Ginger Bird and is in partnership with Territorial Drive Alliance. Their vision is to be "a light in the darkness", as they share the light of Jesus in the darkness of addictions, abuse, gangs, emotional despair, spiritual darkness and poverty. They have planted a successful church on the Moosomin Reserve, which has changed lives. Their goal is to plant four more reserve house churches where women, men, youth and children will be ministered to, have fellowship and find a new way of life. Through their outreach ministry they have impacted lives in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan on Shammatawa, Cross Lake, Garden Hill, Saulteax, Mosquito, and Red Pheasant Reserves.
You can help carry the "light into darkness" by supporting the 2018 Women's Ministry District Project. Your support will provide equipment and resources for outreach to reserves, leadership training, youth conference attendance and retreat/conference attendance for Tyrone and Ginger.
  • "A Light in the Darkness" Video
  • Midwest District Goal:  $20,000
  • Midwest District Goal Deadline: October 31, 2018
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