Erindale Alliance Church Vision Statement

We desire to be a united body of believers, committed to loving God and, by the working of the Holy Spirit, being obedient to Christ as we seek to fulfill Christ’s purpose for His Church.

The Purpose of the Church

● Fulfilling the Great Commission by sharing Christ with our city, country and the nations
(Matt. 28:19-20)
● Devoting ourselves to Biblical teaching, caring for each other, prayer, worship,
fellowship and Communion (Acts 2:42-47)


Core Values of Erindale Alliance Church

We commit to the following Core Values:

  • Keeping Christ at the centre of Erindale Alliance Church, as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and coming King
  • Giving priority to praying for our world, community, church, and each other
  • Adhering to sound Biblical teaching, as we strive for spiritual growth and a solid faith foundation for all ages
  • Supporting global missions and local outreach, through praying, giving, relational evangelism and living personal lives of mission
  • Offering hope, forgiveness, and healing to those who are hurting
  • Fostering a welcoming church environment that seeks the inclusion of all members, regardless of age or cultural background, and encouraging each other in love, grace, and truth
  • Developing intentional mentoring and discipleship relationships
  • Faithfully supporting our pastors, staff, and leaders as they seek God’s direction for our church
  • Generously using our gifts – spiritual, financial and physical – to build up the church body and expand God’s kingdom
  • Responsibly providing programs based on needs, both inside and outside the church, to help us worship God, build unity, share Christ and develop meaningful relationships
  • Responsibly providing programs based on needs that reach out to those both inside and
    outside the church, help us worship God, share Christ, and build unity
  • Ensuring regular and clear communication between ministries, boards, and the