Our Motto: We are not done yet!

Our Vision:

Assisting the Senior Adults (60+) to grow in their faith and to be actively engaged in the life of the church.

Our Mission:

To facilitate the spiritual, emotional, social and physical well-being of our 60+ adults.


Our Events:

Our events are held on the second Wednesday of each month beginning at 10:30am.

Our events include:

  • Sip’n’Chat - a time for coffee and chatting
  • Table Talk – building relationships
  • Press Box – learning about each other
  • Activity or Speaker
  • Lunch

We also offer:

  • Educational/training events at various times throughout the year. For example: computer skills
  • Bible studies

Join us:

We will resume on Wednesday September 13, 2023! The e-bulletin has details and information about each event.

Join our Facebook page (EAC Senior Adults) for information about upcoming events. Contact: sandraandarthur@sasktel.net

“Even in old age, they will produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.” Psalm 92:14 

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