Bear & Vanessa Yarbrough - C&MA IW's
Belle - Merida - Maximus


Mexico City, Mexico

What is the purpose?

Bear and Vanessa are passionate about reaching people in the hardest and darkest places in the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. They will join the C&MA Mexico Team, based in Mexico City, and labour together with them to glorify God by developing a culturally relevant indigenous movement of mission mobilization in the Alliance Church in Mexico. The goal is to see Mexicans be sent to the hardest and darkest places in the world.

What is a Seamless Link?

A Seamless Link Covenant is a formal partnership made between both parties and involves specific commitments in four areas: prayer, funding, communication, and visitation. After months of prayer and discernment, we feel that God has led us to partner with Bear and Vanessa by entering into a Seamless Link Covenant. If you would like more info regarding this Covenant contact the church office.

How can I support them?

You can support them through prayer by signing up to receive their Midweek Prayer Pic here.

You can support them financially by sending a one-time donation or by committing to a monthly donation. They are an approved project and have a designated fund that you can donate to called "Seamless Link - Bear & Vanessa." You can make a donation online through Tithe.Ly, in person in an Offering Envelope that is designated to them or through pre-authorized debit (PAD). More details on how to give a donation can be found on the Give page.

*Note that you must give through the church if you want to be a part of fulfilling the financial commitment that we have made as EAC.

Make sure to fill out a support card and give it to Pastor Matt if you do either of these options so that the Global Connections Team can track support.